What is a Master of Entrepreneurship?

A Master's in Entrepreneurship

Science and Research at Notre Dame

A professional master’s degree in entrepreneurship equips a person with the specific business skills required to launch a business – expertise easily transferred into any business environment. Unlike the traditional M.B.A., teaching the general principles of such topics as accounting, finance, and marketing for an established company, the entrepreneurship master’s focuses on the direct application of those skills to a startup environment. Entrepreneurship programs are typically also shorter and more economical than most M.B.As.

A Focus on Technology

Notre Dame’s 11-month entrepreneurship program – ESTEEM – takes the focus to even greater depth. Students learn not only about startups in general but specifically about the commercialization of innovative science, engineering, and technology discoveries and innovations. Our Master of Science degree trains students with a science, engineering, or mathematics background in the practical business tools they need for successful launches. Finance and accounting classes teach how to plan a path to profitability and how to attract funding from the right investors. Marketing and business law classes cover strategies for differentiating a product and how to protect intellectual property.

A Real-Life Enterprise

Unlike many entrepreneurship master’s programs, an ESTEEM education happens in the context of real-time startup development and culminates in a Capstone Thesis that includes a business plan, financial model, and marketing strategy for an actual discovery or invention in its early stages. All of the projects are based on existing or ongoing research by Notre Dame professors or industry partners.