Timothy Jacque

Class of 2015-2016

Michigan State University, 2015
Applied Engineering Sciences/Computer Science and Supply Chain Management

Since ESTEEM, I worked at a small manufacturing business for the better part of a year where I learned about casting, molding, vacuum-forming, 3D printing, injection molding, prototyping, designing fixtures, and paint lines. It was an excellent opportunity to develop soft skills, such as interpersonal communication and negotiations, as well as implement the business and technical skills taught in ESTEEM, such as user-centered design and database development. Currently, I am working on a project in entrepreneurship, utilizing launch strategies taught in ESTEEM to start a technology company. Some advice to current and prospective students: the faculty and staff of the ESTEEM program works extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure the program runs smoothly. Please make sure to show your appreciation for their work – thank you and genuine hand-written cards will go a long way. In addition, listen and ask questions – treat everything as a hypothesis and recognize you could be wrong. The ESTEEM program is an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth, make sure you take advantage of every opportunity while you are there.