Sophie Cairns

Class of 2022-2023

Trinity College Dublin, 2020
Biomedical Engineering Major

Why did you choose ESTEEM? 

Choosing ESTEEM was a decision to dive into a new environment where I could learn lot quickly. Specifically, I want to learn more about Human Centered Design and Digital innovation in both Healthcare and the Environmental space.

What is your Capstone Project and why are you excited about it? 

I am working with Avanade to create Industry specific, Customer Experience Accelerators (CXA) for Microsoft's Digital Contact Centre Platform (DCCP). The aim is to support the adoption of next generation Contact Center capabilities by creating industry specific products to improve customer engagement and service. Microsoft’s DCCP capabilities are newly enhanced through the recent acquisition of the advanced AI company, Nuance.
Essentially, this project is investigating how Avanade can support organizations to transition from delivering customer support through the traditional call center model, to adopting a multichannel, "contact center" approach, leveraging the latest advancements in Automation, Security and AI.
Avanade is a Technology consulting firm created by Microsoft and Accenture in 2000 to deliver innovative services and solutions to enterprises worldwide using the Microsoft platform.

What do you hope to do after ESTEEM? 

My dream is to help solve problems that genuinely improve people's lives. That vision includes helping build products that solve real problems.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My favorite place to be is in outdoors in nature. Running, hiking, cycling, even swimming in the sea or lakes, all these allow me to see the world around us in different ways and to feel alive while doing so. On the other hand, I also adore Art and learning about history and culture. Coming to the US has opened up so many opportunities to travel and experience both of these. Lastly, I love cooking for family and friends, especially trying out new cuisines or recipes.