Oscar Gleeson

Class of 2023-2024

University College Dublin

Why did you choose ESTEEM?

I chose ESTEEM because of the unique skill set it equips students with through the capstone commercialization project. I was drawn to the hands-on approach and focus on solving problems that matter. Hopefully ESTEEM will enable me to launch into an exciting and impactful career at the intersection of science and entrepreneurship.

What is your Capstone Project and why are you excited about it?

CergenX is an Irish-based startup developing a new device to assess infants at birth for potential brain injuries. CergenX is a spin-out from the INFANT Research Centre at University College Cork (UCC) and is focused on developing and commercializing the extensive research conducted by INFANT over many years. Their novel platform utilizes an automated AI assessment to detect abnormal brain activity in infants at birth, providing easy-to-interpret results in under fifteen minutes. This platform will enable immediate follow-up and early intervention by medical professionals, which is critical for achieving improved outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for newborns with brain injuries. This capstone project is focused on developing a comprehensive market access strategy and commercialization plan for the US market.

What do you hope to do after ESTEEM?

After ESTEEM, I hope to combine my background in pharmacology with the entrepreneurial skills I will develop throughout the program to pursue a career in the biotechnology/biopharmaceutical industry. I have a big interest in neuropharmacology, and with remarkable advances in this field, I would love to work on developing and commercializing new therapies for people with debilitating diseases.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I’m a very outdoorsy person with a particular love for water sports. Back home in Ireland, I spend most of my weekends on the water, either sailing or windsurfing.

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