Laura Hession

Class of 2022-2023

University of Galway, 2022

Why did you choose ESTEEM? 

I chose ESTEEM because it is a very unique program at the intersection of STEM, innovation and entrepreneurship. I believe it is a great opportunity to gain entrepreneurial skills to complement my technical background in biotechnology. Over the course of the program I aspire to learn how to be a maker of change who can effectively translate scientific and technological ideas into real world solutions, to fix things that matter.

What is your capstone project and why are you excited about it? 

My capstone project and why I’m excited about it? I am working with Amicus Therapeutics for my capstone project. Amicus is a patient-centric biotechnology company that develops therapies to target rare and devastating diseases. I am investigating the landscape and opportunities for a group of rare genetic diseases, and will be assessing Amicus’ capabilities (technology, development and commercial) to determine if they should bring advances to treatments in this area. I have a background in biotechnology, so I’m excited to expand my skills and explore this market from clinical, patient and technical perspectives to develop a commercialization plan for novel medicines. By speaking to stakeholders such as patients and doctors, I will obtain outlooks and insights that can’t be obtained from the laboratory. I want to work on something that has the potential to change lives for the better, and this project is the perfect opportunity to do so.

What do you hope to do after ESTEEM? 

I hope to pursue a career in the biotechnology or biopharmaceutical sectors, continuing to follow my passion for science with an entrepreneurial edge. These areas are brimming with innovation; novel technologies and advanced approaches are constantly emerging. I want to be at the forefront of ground-breaking medicines and therapies, working on the development and commercialization of products that can improve quality of life.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

As well as being a fun way to stay healthy, sport is a great outlet for me to clear my head and exercise my competitive spirit. At home I played Gaelic football, and I’ve been playing recreational volleyball here in South Bend. I also enjoy long walks and hanging out with my friends.