Divya Meda

Class of 2021-2022

Acharya Nagarjuna University, 2019
Computer Science

Why I chose ESTEEM ?

My interest in ESTEEM at the University of Notre Dame relates to my interest in becoming an entrepreneur. I am deeply fascinated with the "Let's just try it" attitude at the ESTEEM program. I was a 20 year old juggling between my non-profit organization (Macle Charitable Trust) , a start-up relating to software compliance (Accountri) , and freelance writing (Valorous Scripts) when I came across ESTEEM. I chose the ESTEEM program hoping that it would enlighten me to incorporate and launch the proper techniques in my day to day business activities. I am a firm believer in "Do your best and don't bother with the results." This attitude is what helped me pursue the multiple passions I am invested in; it also lets me dream big. My vision is to set up a successful enterprise in the US that would change the market. In the pursuit to enhance my skills and make myself market-ready, I found the ESTEEM program at the University of ND. Where else can be a better place to get trained practically than at the university with innovation at its heart.

My capstone project and why I'm excited about it ?

Although Whirlpool knows the keys to success in today’s marketplace, they want to disrupt the category and introduce the key elements of tomorrow. Appliances are large investments - typically the largest spend consumers make after a home or automobile. And throughout Covid, consumers got more comfortable with shopping online, and we expect shopping habits will continue to evolve over time. Through this project Whirlpool and I hope to disrupt the appliance industry by providing a unique value proposition and enabling current and future shopper habits so that Whirlpool can continue to be an industry leader in 2025 and beyond. I am excited to explore the current economy and come up with innovative ways to help the corporation and its consumers.

What I hope to do after ESTEEM ?

I hope to set up a successful enterprise in the US that would change the market while carrying on my 'PRE-ESTEEM' ventures.

What I like to do when I'm not working ?

When I am not working I like to write! I do freelance writing, social work, sketching, and boxing.


To rise from its own ashes, a Pheonix must first burn. Just like the Pheonix, to be reborn as a warrior, as a leader, you must first endure the harsh cruelties of the path you chose.