Dan Kervick

Class of 2018-2019, Veteran Students At ESTEEM recipient

Villanova University, 2009

Daniel Kervick Jr. (ESTEEM '19) studied Economics and Arabic at Villanova University. After graduating in 2009, he started a fintech company that was acquired. In 2010 he joined the US Navy and worked in support of counter-terrorism operations until 2016. 

After that, he decided to start Flagship Management, which leverages technology in field service. The company’s name and logo nod both to his naval service and to the firm’s commitment to provide meaningful work for veterans, who suffer disproportionate unemployment in the technology economy. 

Dan left an MBA program to come to ESTEEM because he saw the advantages of the entrepreneurial education. “Notre Dame and ESTEEM have materially impacted the success of my business,” he says. “ESTEEM gave me the tools to set this company on a safe course.”