Arturo Tablada

Class of 2014-2015

University of Notre Dame, 2014

I am putting my entrepreneurial skills to work for my nonprofit startup, St. Michael's Angels, a Christian nonprofit organization providing individuals undergoing hospitalization the gift of a loving presence. Our nonprofit will build friendships by matching patients with volunteers based on similar interests, career backgrounds, or shared health experiences. We will also provide educational and entertainment activities through partnerships with experts in the areas of art, music, comedy, and wellness. Lastly, we will help patients fulfill their dream list through the generosity of donors, celebrities, and influencers. The biggest area I was able to grow during my time in ESTEEM was properly identifying a problem and understanding that one has to go out and listen to people, hearing from stakeholders while understanding the scope of the challenge. I've received positive feedback that has given us momentum for our vision. People are excited about what we're going to bring to communities. It's helpful to come from the ESTEEM program which looks at all aspects of entrepreneurship. I appreciated the focus at Notre Dame of using our knowledge and our God-given talents to have an impact on the world, to be a force for good. Please visit us at!