Alexandra Dawson

Class of 2016-2017

Marquette University, 2015
Biomedical Sciences/Spanish

I work as a Senior Management Consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton in the Washington, DC area, where I have the opportunity to directly apply the skills and knowledge I attained in ESTEEM. I credit ESTEEM with helping me to combine critical thinking skills from my STEM background with a practical entrepreneurship business perspective. This gave me the tools to solve problems in areas such as healthcare with a more multidimensional and comprehensive approach. ESTEEM challenged me to think in new ways and learn more about innovative applications of technology across a variety of fields. The program also imparted a strong sense of “finding your impact.” This mindset encourages students to focus on the positive effect their work can have. I have found that using this as a driving force helps me channel my passions into performing fulfilling work and creating sustainable outcomes.