Abhigna Yerabati

Class of 2023-2024

Sumathi Reddy Institute of Technology for Women
Electronics and Communication Engineering

Why did you choose ESTEEM?

I chose ESTEEM because it will be my launchpad for entrepreneurial impact, both socially and environmentally.

What is your Capstone Project and why are you excited about it?

In a world overflowing with complex data, GlyphX is here to simplify the process for business analysts, consultants, and IT managers across various industries, including supply chain, logistics, and transportation. Leveraging cutting-edge visualization technology, GlyphX rapidly transforms intricate datasets into clear actionable insights. Our approach is collaborative; we partner with you to deeply understand your data and decision-making environment, fostering solutions that empower you to act with precision and foresight. Experience the GlyphX revolution: where data meets clarity, and insights foster action.

What do you hope to do after ESTEEM?

After completing ESTEEM, not only do I aspire to launch a startup focused on innovating for health, society, and the environment, but I'm also keen on exploring opportunities as a Business/Strategy Analyst. This along with other roles will allow me to harness and expand my skill set in real-world scenarios.

What do you like to do in your free time?

When I'm not delving into work, you can find me donning a chef's hat in the kitchen, embracing the therapeutic art of cleaning, indulging in some much-needed self-care rituals, or unwinding with a gripping Netflix show or an enthralling movie. Life's about balance after all!

Beyond my professional and personal passions, I hold a deep commitment to giving back to society. I take immense pride in my endeavors to provide food to orphanages and old age homes, to ensure they don't go without. Additionally, my heart has a special spot for our furry friends; I cherish moments spent petting dogs and contributing to their well-being. In essence, I believe in not just living for oneself, but for the greater good.

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