You Might Be an Entrepreneur...

Author: Jarrett Haley


“Entrepreneur tests” abound in business magazines and on business websites. ESTEEM students, getting their hands dirty with the true essentials of entrepreneurship, can see these articles for what they really are: insipid filler, meant to collect clicks and ad impressions. But here’s one that actually knows its place—fun, ironic, and good for a laugh, not a true gauge of business acumen. Cue Jeff Foxworthy (or Donald Trump?) for “You Might Be an Entrepreneur if…

your kids report their academic performance quarterly on a grades vs. forecast basis.” As entrepreneurs merge personal and professional life, they view everything through the same glasses.

under tight deadlines you tell your spouse that if they don’t leave you alone, you will find someone who will.” Entrepreneurs are constantly evaluating their team’s talent!

you know you have your banker where you want them; having loaned so much money they can’t afford to shut you down.” This is a frequent situation now. The entrepreneur’s version of “too big to fail.”

That’s just a sample—here’s more!