Where We're From: University of Notre Dame

Author: Kanami Kitagawa

Tyler, Joey, Winnie, Danielle, Haley, and LisaTyler, Joey, Winnie, Danielle, Haley, and Lisa

Tyler, Joey, Winnie, Danielle, Haley, and Lisa come from diverse backgrounds but have a shared passion for entrepreneurship and Notre Dame. They respectively studied Biochemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Film, Television & Theatre, Chemical Engineering, Science - Business, and Art Studio during their undergraduate years. 

Danielle says that the biggest difference between being an ND undergrad and a grad student in ESTEEM is “having freedom to explore exactly what you desire! While ESTEEM has courses similar to an undergraduate setup, they are more hands-on and experiential. In addition, the focus around the year-long Capstone project allows for a graduate program that is academic based, but also allows a window in the real world — solving real problems and working with stakeholders.”

Her favorite ESTEEM moment was “the 3-minute Capstone Presentations that the entire ESTEEM cohort of 44 had to each present at the conclusion of the summer semester in August. It allowed me to learn about each Capstone project, but also through cheering, supportive words, etc., it was clearly evident that everyone in the ESTEEM cohort is very supportive and cheering on the success of each other! It is such a great climate to be immersed in.”