Where We're From: St. Edward's University

Author: Kanami Kitagawa

Meet St. Edward's University graduate Lauren Yancy (ESTEEM '21)Meet St. Edward's University graduate Lauren Yancy (ESTEEM '21)

Lauren Yancy graduated from St. Edward's University with a BS in Bioinformatics, and also holds an AS in Engineering from Austin Community College. Read on for what Lauren has to share about ESTEEM!

“I enjoy the Innovation Lab the most. Now that I have a pretty good grasp on the software, I have started working on several projects I hope to make a reality. I wouldn't have access to laser cutters, wood shops, or even the software outside of ND without paying a lot of money out of pocket. The buy in is the difference between an idea and a project. At IP, it's a non-issue.

I really hope to maximize my time here by bringing a lot of my ideas at least to a prototype stage. 11 months is shorter than I realized and the time is flying by. It can be hard motivating myself to get to the lab and work in my free time but, the more I learn the less it feels like work. I think I'm to the point where ideas are just starting to pour in and it's hard to get them all down in time. I hope to get a lot of these projects done before leaving.

My advice would be to apply early and don't worry if you're a fit. ESTEEM is one of those programs that if you're interested in it, you're probably a good fit. Dive in early so you can get funding taken care of. Also, start writing those weird ideas down. You'll be surprised at how they become real and worthwhile. No better time to try it out than when you have the space and funding to make it happen.”