Where We're From: John Carroll University

Author: Kanami Kitagawa

Crew Weunski (left) and Sereen Nasrallah (right)Crew Weunski (left) and Sereen Nasrallah (right)

Meet our John Carroll University 2020 grads: Crew (left) graduated with a degree in Physics and Sereen (right) majored in biochemistry with a minor in Peace, Justice and Human Rights

What are you enjoying most about ESTEEM?

CW: It has to be the people. Your peers and professors are so supportive and helpful whenever you feel stuck or need help, and you build a strong community throughout the year.
SN: I really enjoy the people and all the opportunities I have had. The friends I have made here are going to be friends for life and are so willing to help each other out. The different experiences such as starting a side hustle, entering McCloskey, and working as a Startup Coach have all been amazing opportunities.

What is something you’ve learned this year?

CW: Failing fast is okay! I've learned how to use failure as a learning tool for moving forward.
SN: ESTEEM has taught me how to embrace new experiences and learn the most from those experiences.

What is something you want to do before graduating?

CW: Two fellow ESTEEMers and I submitted an idea to McCloskey, so we hope to use that as a strong learning experience!
SN: Continue to connect with my awesome classmates and learn as much as I can!

Any words of advice to undergraduate students?

CW: If you have any inclination to learn more about something, whether it's business, coding, etc., just go for it! Take a class or learn on your own. I wish I had a more interdisciplinary approach to my undergrad classes.
SN: Don't be afraid to be uncomfortable with new opportunities and embrace the unknown. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat anytime.