Interested In Learning More About Early Stage Investing?

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Many of our ESTEEM students have an interest in understanding the landscape of early stage investment vehicles (venture capital, angel investing, etc.).  With that in mind, here are a few links you might be interested in checking out. These sources were obtained from Theresa Sedlack, Private Sector Engagement Director at Innovation Park at Notre Dame  (where the ESTEEM Program is located) and cover topics that are particularly relevant to early stage investing:

  • This is a video (a few sections with an hour total length) that provides a helpful overview of the process from an entrepreneur, investor and limited partner (the funders of venture capital funds).

  • Paul Graham of Y-Combinator has a blog with many interesting posts related to early stage venture development and investing.

  • This newswire available through this site provides a daily update of what is happening in private equity, with feature articles written by investors.



Thanks Theresa for these helpful links!