Thesis Spotlight: Gleaux, Inc.

Author: Gene Stowe

Ben KeltyBen Kelty

When he was earning a degree in biophysics at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ben Kelty wrote a capstone course project on the bioluminescent plant created by BioGlow Tech, now Gleaux Inc., a fascinating technology with potential uses from landscape planting to bedroom nightlights. After two years of undergraduate science research, Kelty decided to seek problem-solving opportunities in the business field – so he joined this year’s ESTEEM class.


“It wasn’t really the research itself I enjoyed – it was the problem-solving aspect,” he says. “I tried to figure out other areas that would give me that ability. I can use the skills I learned from the science like problem-solving and apply it to business.” For example, a design entrepreneurship course in ESTEEM’s summer session provided experience working with Adobe Illustrator and strengthened his presentation skills. “I think it’s stuff I can apply to a lot of things,” he says. His accounting class was his first-ever business course among several that provided basic understanding Kelty expects to leverage.

Kelty is continuing to work with Gleaux for his ESTEEM capstone project, likely with a focus on marketing and feasibility research through surveys and contacting potential customers. “I knew a little bit about the technology,” he says. “I thought it was fascinating and could have some real-world application, though. We’re still in the pretty early stages of our work.” Kelty brought a luminescent plant to campus and took pictures of it at landmarks such as Touchdown Jesus, the Dome, the Basilica, the Grotto, and the Compton Family Ice Arena.