Thesis Spotlight: A Novel Technology in the Food & Beverage Industry

Author: Natalie May

Natalie MayNatalie May

My capstone thesis project has been a great learning experience that has allowed me to leverage my biochemistry knowledge and lab skills to contribute to the launch strategy of a novel technology in the food and beverage industry. The project has opened my mind to innovation in things that we have been accustomed to everyday. Throughout the advancement of my thesis, I have given suggestions based on market research, customer validation, industry trends, etc. that have contributed to the direction of the project. To me, it has been very rewarding to directly assist in the commercialization of a patent-pending technology that has the potential to disrupt similar existing options.


My industry advisor is a very experienced entrepreneur who has taught me many things about starting a company, finding opportunities for innovation and that you can invent anything, no matter your background, if you are willing to learn and work very hard. I hope to continue to learn from him throughout the commercialization of this invention and apply many of the skills that I have learned to my own ventures in the future.