The IDEA Center's Student Entrepreneur Pre-Accelerator kicks off the Spring Program

Author: Emily Tyson

Notre Dame's IDEA Center is in Innovation Park.Notre Dame's IDEA Center is in Innovation Park.

Since the beginning of the school year, 275 Notre Dame students have submitted ideas to the IDEA Center.

Of these, 22 students recently applied to the Spring Student Entrepreneur Pre-Accelerator, and 12 of these student founders were chosen to participate in this program. 

The IDEA Center's Pre-Accelerator provides student entrepreneurs with:

  • training and resources they need to grow their business,
  • structure,
  • accountability,
  • and access to a community of fellow student entrepreneurs. 

Student entrepreneurs who are accepted into the IDEA Center's Pre-Accelerator participate in weekly programs/meetings and office hours and will have the opportunity to present their company to potential investors at the end of the program.

All Teams

Congratulations to the following Notre Dame student founders who were accepted into the Spring Pre-Accelerator:

  • Joseph Hirshorn (ND '21), Danielle Koterbay (ESTEEM '21) with Alcea
  • Eddie Davis IV (ND '23) with Anytime Sports
  • Quinn McCahon (ND '22) with Athlete Digest
  • Annie Kwiatt (ND MBA '21) and Tyler Hampton (ND MBA '21) with CANU
  • David Thompson (ND '22) with Doggi LLC
  • Kaden Macor (ND '22) and Daniel Malloy (ND '22) with DormBroker
  • Ian Martin (ND '22) with Hunt Regs
  • Peter Dore (Graduate) with Intrvene
  • John Sexton (ND '23) with Sexton Assistive Technologies
  • Sebastian Murgueitio (Graduate) with
  • Rory Finn (ND '22) with Such a Nice Day Out (SANDO)
  • David Wang (ESTEEM '21) with XR General Hospital

Originally published by Emily Tyson at on March 22, 2021.