The Best Inventions of 2013 (According to TIME Magazine)

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM


Time Magazine recently revealed its “25 Best Inventions of 2013”, the full list presented here from the Tech portion of Time’s website for your perusal and enjoyment. Each entry is a fascinating read, as highlighted are some truly awe inspiring innovations in the world of engineering, medicine, and technology. Here then is a sampling of some of these noteworthy items:


1. The Plus Pool

Planned to be built by the summer of 2016, this “Olympic-sized” swimming pool will float in another body of water, a heavily trafficked and polluted waterway in New York City. The Plus Pool will not only give New Yorkers a place to relax but will also clean the East River as, according to Time…

“Its unique filtration system [will scrub] the water as it floats through it, while its distinctive plus-sign shape isolates different wings for different activities.”


2. The Edible Password Pill

Sick of remembering all the passwords you need to know for your phone or computer? Motorola’s “Edible Password Pill”, which has already gained approval from the FDA, may just solve that problem. Per the article…

”Swallowed once daily, the pill consists of a tiny chip that uses the acid in your stomach to power it on. Once activated, it emits a specific 18-bit EKG-like signal that can be detected by your phone or computer, essentially turning your body into a password.”


3. The 3Doodler

The principals behind this innovative writing utensil raised $2 million on Kickstarter while only aiming for $30,000, showing that people are indeed excited about a pen that works like a 3D printer. Developed by a toy company, this is inarguably a fun idea.


4. The Argus II

Also receiving FDA approval, like the “Edible Password Pill”, is the Argus II, which will restore partial vision to people who suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, a disorder that leads to blindness. The device…

“...consists of an implanted artificial retina and a pair of glasses attached to a video unit that enables the patient to see outlines of images and the contrast between light and dark.”


5. Rewalk

Seeking to bring about the same type of life-changing innovation as the Argus II, this piece of technology is designed to help paraplegics walk again. Engineered as a type of exoskeleton, it works by using sensors...

“...that anticipate shifts in the user’s balance and translates them into movements like walking and standing.”


Reading through Time’s “25 Best Inventions of 2013,” what jumps out to you as a particularly innovative or thoughtful idea? Which one of these innovations, in your opinion, has the best chance to be realized and make a difference in the world at large or specifically within the context of entrepreneurship?