Startup Weekend Profile: Fixit

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Startup Weekend, Fixit

Anhton Tran is an undergrad student at Notre Dame who is interested in giving people an outlet to express problems. After working with Participant Media around how to engage millennials civically and in a meaningful way, Anhton saw a lot of the problems, "our generation watches news but it's too big; we don't engage with it. We engage with social media so lets discuss societal issues there". That is where he came up with Fixit. 

The idea is allowing people to point out issues they see around them, things they see that they can affect, like pot holes or infrastructure changes, and allow people to vote those problems up or down. People will be able to see the problems around them and the city or college will be able to fix it, and they'll know which problems are most important to fix. "The scope has changed a lot, it's not about personal problems or huge issues like climate change - it's somewhere in between." 

Talking with Anhton you can see the passion behind this project, that you can truly change society if you put their problems in front of them in a way that they want to help. That is where Fixit will begin helping, to find out more check out