Startup Weekend Profile: Classery

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Startup Weekend, Classery

Brian Shourd is a Notre Dame Mathematics Grad Student that wants to do something that few others in grad school want to do… do even more learning outside of the classroom. Brian says, "My wife tells me I have one hobby and that is learning about other hobbies." Brian has been wanting for years to be able to learn about hobbies and have a platform that truly helps experts on hobbies teach these hobbies in a comprehensive way to people who want to learn about those hobbies - particularly, Brian. This platform Brian calls "Classery". 

Brian pitched this idea as an Etsy for hobbies, where people who are looking for a skill or hobby can find people who have a skill or hobby and they pay to learn about it. "There are tons of tutorials and disparate information all around but it takes a lot of time and every tutorial maker has their own goals", said Brian of the YouTube tutorial model, "it's just not comprehensive". After pitching, the Classery team partnered with another team that was chosen, "the team we merged with brought a lot of sense around the monetization mode" which transformed the idea to a business. 

Classery has changed models a few times but the main idea remains - to be a concierge of knowledge around hobbies and specialized skills. Find out more at or