Spring Break in The Valley: Day 1

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Esteem student Keith J. Marrero Jr. is providing daily updates of the Class of 2014 Spring Break Trip to Silicon Valley

We all made our own separate ways out here and met up at the hotel in Mountain View, Calif., before heading out to dinner.  There we talked about our upcoming activities like our visits to great businesses such as Google and IDEO.  Everyone seemed excited about those as well as our shadowing day on Tuesday, where we'll all be split into groups of three or four and spend the day at various companies here in the Valley.  To me, that is the most exciting part of our trip because we will get to see these companies in a much more personal way, instead of being led around on a tour in a larger group.  We'll get to see firsthand what it is that people in these environments do, what motivates them, and what drives their success, and hopefully get to ask plenty of questions.  Additionally, we're all looking forward to the continuous sunshine and warm weather that we've so desperately missed while enduring the long South Bend winter!