Social Entrepreneurship Valued Among Millennials

Author: Jarrett Haley


Social entrepreneurship may be “the new black” as Matthew Paisner says at Forbes, but the movement is anything but a fad. The emphasis to create societal good through business practice is a high priority among young people entering the workforce—even trumping financial gains.

A study out of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business reports that ninety percent of MBA’s would choose a company’s emphasis on volunteerism and social ethics over an increased salary. Additionally, corporations are finding that top candidates for hire are increasingly interested in opportunities for volunteering and community service through their prospective employer.

Paisner himself found that many internship applicants to his company, Altruhelp, were willing to pass up well-paid, firmly established opportunities for the altruistic goals behind his civic-minded online community & software solution.

The article also offers testimonials from these interns as to why they chose the social entrepreneurship route, ranging from wanting to make a difference to a more enjoyable workplace.

How about you? Would you pass up a bigger check to make a bigger difference in the community, or in the world?