Second Idea Pitch Session

Author: Jessica Millen

The 2nd Idea Pitch Session covered a variety of problemsThe 2nd Idea Pitch Session covered a variety of problems

Yesterday afternoon, ESTEEM students gathered in the Greenhouse to listen to four of their classmates participate in the 2nd Idea Pitch Session of the summer semester. The bigger space brought with it a larger presentation screen, but also meant students had to project their voices!

The session’s idea pitches covered a wide range of problems, including college student credit card debit and maintaining privacy in purchasing feminine hygiene projects, to the lack of a centralized database for legal documents from African countries and unequal access to healthy food in the U.S.

Sticking to the 5-minute pitch, 10-minute Q&A format, ESTEEM Director David Murphy and staff members Matt Leevy, Dustin Mix, and Jessica Millen listened to the pitches and gave each presenter individualized feedback. A number of the presenters left with concrete next steps to continue exploring and refining their ideas.

The next pitch session is August 3rd.