"I'm An Entrepreneur."

Author: Jarrett Haley


According to Forbes, the best line in The Social Network was “What was your latest ‘preneur?” an early-morning roasting delivered to Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake) when his new bedfellow asks what he does and he answers:


The girl’s skeptical reaction to the word “entrepreneur” as a profession is perhaps not that uncommon. In a world that values a distinct occupation as a mark of security (the world of mate-selection, that is) it takes a certain degree of gusto to throw that out the open-ended “E” word. And while Timberlake’s Parker practically oozes this kind of confidence, it’s most likely because he’s got the viral success of Napster up his sleeve. But what about those just starting out, without that kind of cred to back them up? Would they answer “entrepreneur” with a straight face?

In his Call to Arms article, journalist Kevin Kruse writes about how entrepreneurs of any stripe need to embrace and be proud of the label, and understand that it “isn’t just a job title. It’s a mindset, a worldview, a way of life.” He offers plenty of reasons why as well:

Entrepreneurs are risk takers, they are optimists, they thrive against the status quo, they value talent (and talent alone, not who your Daddy was, how rich you are, what school you went to, or even if you have a degree), they don’t even understand what the word failure means (there is only success, or learning), and they want to make a difference—they believe they can make a difference.

So how about it? When you’re next asked “What do you do?” how will you answer?