Innovations with Predictive Analytics

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Below is a link to an article from Fast Company regarding the growing number of companies that are providing “predictive analytics” to small companies and start-ups. Predictive analytics incorporate a variety of statistical techniques to anticipate future events that will affect the business based on data obtained from the past. These models analyze patterns found in previous data to recognize potential risks and opportunities for a company. The article addresses the potential value of predictive analytics in a variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing to healthcare to finance.

Predictive analytics is also generating buzz within the ESTEEM program. Both current students and alumni have embraced thesis projects that use predictive algorithms to create novel innovations. These include thesis projects that could assist in determining if you have a higher probability of disease such as breast or color cancer, or stroke.  Other projects include algorithms that address financial issues such as predictors for bond or stock activity.   Once again, participants of the ESTEEM program are obtaining exposure to cutting edge technologies in the tech industry—thereby providing them with tools to adapt to an ever-changing economic environment.