My Week in ESTEEM - Week 3

Author: Megan Bryant

Megan BryantMegan Bryant

Welcome to "My Week in ESTEEM" where students reflect upon their experience in the program.  This week's blog is brought to us by Megan Bryant who discusses the career fair, business presentations, and the first fall Lunch N' Learn for the fall.

Career Fair

The break from coursework to experience the opening game of the Fighting Irish against the Texas Longhorns didn't last long.  Many students began gearing up for Notre Dame’s upcoming career fair that consisted of a two day event held both Wednesday and Thursday from 4-8 pm. The Internship and Engineering Industry Day was held on Wednesday; whereas, the Full-time Career Day concluded the career fair on Thursday. Approximately 280 companies were in attendance at the career fairs. Companies represented were Amazon, Bain & Company, Boeing, GE, Eli Lilly & Company, Deloitte, and many, many more. Students were able to use Go IRISH, a job database, to search for companies and apply to open positions within their facilities. Many ESTEEM students attended one or both days of the career fair. In addition, on Thursday morning, graduate and PhD students had the opportunity to exclusively network with employers outside of the career fair at the Breakfast with Champions event. While attending a career fair and talking with recruiters can be a stressful event, it was refreshing to see the familiar faces of other ESTEEM students and exchange encouraging words with one another.

The career fairs were not the only items on the to-do lists for ESTEEM students. On Tuesday, about one third of the ESTEEM students gave presentations in our technical business presentations course. These presentations were 6-8 minutes in length and gave overviews of the technologies in our thesis projects. We also had assignments due in our financial modeling and data analytics courses. The data analytics assignment was designed to test our ability to use the SAP software we downloaded the first week of classes.

On Friday, many ESTEEM students attended a Lunch n’ Learn series, exclusive to ESTEEM students, featuring Justin Brandon, a Notre Dame alum who currently works at Uber in New York. It was great for ESTEEM students to be able to connect with Justin and learn about his fascinating story.

On Saturday, some of the ESTEEM students rallied together to watch the Notre Dame Football team pull off a last minute exciting win against Virginia. While the football game was away this week, Notre Dame hosted the Golden Dome Invitational for the women’s volleyball team. I was able to watch several of these games on Saturday. The rest of the weekend for me and probably most of the ESTEEM students was spent working on completing our chapter one thesis drafts due Monday. The past few weeks have been very busy but we continue to persevere through.