My Week in ESTEEM - Week 11

Author: Ethan Dove

Ethan DoveEthan Dove

Welcome back to "My Week in ESTEEM" where students reflect upon their experiences in our program.  This week's blog is brought to us by Ethan Dove who talks about Halloween, Flag Football, and his trip to South Carolina for a job interview.

Once chapter 2 was submitted, the entrepreneurs flag football team fought hard in the pouring rain for a spot in this year’s playoffs. After a tumultuous game, we ended up falling short of glory and shook hands with integrity after the loss. Also on Tuesday, I was able to visit Better World Books which came to fruition out of the McCloskey Business Plan Competition and was cofounded by three Notre Dame alums. It was an incredible experience to visit such a large company that’s focused on the social entrepreneurship side of helping better the world through education and donations to charities.My week in ESTEEM has been a blur. It was the first week back after a relaxing Fall Break that might have come with some procrastination on the chapter 2 draft of my capstone thesis project. For my thesis project, I’m developing a commercialization plan for a virtual optical suite for Gailey Eye Clinic to address optical department pain points and increase the efficiency for patients finding the eyeglasses they desire. Thus far I have been evaluating current technologies on the market to weigh their pros and cons and distinguishing the competitive advantage of the virtual optical suite. The chapter 2 draft was due Tuesday evening, so I buckled down all day Monday and Tuesday to research industries and various applications for 3-dimensional virtual try on technology and complete my assignment.

Three new classes started this week that will help further my business background and contribute to my thesis project. These new classes are Business Law, Current Trends in Information Technology, and Technology and Ethics. Then the weekend came and an ESTEEM Halloween/Notre Dame football watch party occurred at my house. With nearly 15 fellow classmates squeezed together around three couches, we managed to cheer on Notre Dame to victory.

South Caroline - Photo Credit Ethan Dove

The following morning I flew to South Carolina for an interview with eviCore healthcare. Simply stated, eviCore healthcare ensures that each patient in their network is receiving the right healthcare at the right time. eviCore healthcare is adamant about providing the best outcomes and lives by its core values. My experience working at a chiropractic office for nearly five years led me to want to work at eviCore because the importance of achieving the best outcome with the right healthcare resonated with my role at the chiropractic office. Also, the Business Analyst position at eviCore would allow me to provide creative solutions to enhance business operations which has been a task I’ve noticed myself accomplishing over my work history. I had an incredible experience learning more about eviCore healthcare, and I hope to find myself beginning my professional career there after the ESTEEM program. It was a perfect cap to a busy, yet fun week in the ESTEEM program.