My Week in ESTEEM: September 26 - 30

Author: Sarah Prezek

Sarah PrezekSarah Prezek

Coming off of a disappointing football game against Duke, the weather started to feel like Fall and our attention turned back to work.

On Monday, I met with my Data Analytics group to go over our first assignment as a team before receiving data from the City of South Bend. After this, group members attended our Marketing class. During class, we discussed branding and what makes a strong brand. We were then introduced to a website of brand tags. We were all relieved when we saw that other people were confused with SAP. After this, we all separated and some of us went to go watch the presidential debates. Food trucks!!!

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As my Tuesday began, I knew it would be a long day. My day began with a tailgate-planning meeting for our ESTEEM tailgate coming up at the Stanford game. I then had my technical elective on the topic of mental health of the aging, which pertains to my capstone thesis project of wellness program management in long term care facilities. I then ran over to Debartolo to Skype classmate Zachary into the classroom from Ireland to make sure he was included in our pitches for our Business Presentations course. This was followed by our first Launch Strategy course of the year, where we learned about the importance of a company’s core. The next day was a relaxed day of data analytics and thesis work.

Thursday was a slow day with my technical elective before an enFocus information session at Union Station in South Bend. During the discussion we learned more about the consulting projects they work on and the exciting happenings in the Renaissance district. That evening was the first of many Thesis Thursdays in the future for a few of us ESTEEMers.

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Friday rolled around and we had a full day of activities. We began the day with a Legacy Project meeting about what impact the class would like to make on the University and a charity. After this we had a workshop with Professor Joe Urbany from Vennli about entrepreneurship and competition. I, however, was anxious to get home. I had tickets to go see the show that I had been excited about for months: Hamilton. One could say that I was more excited than Michael Sedor and his SolidWorks experience.

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I had been listening to the soundtrack since it was available this past year and it has been the music that has been constant throughout my ESTEEM experience so far. One of the great things about being close to Chicago is having opportunities like going to see Hamilton on a non-football weekend.