My Week in ESTEEM: Quarantine Diaries, Pt. 7 - TV & Movies

Author: Risa Takenaka

Hello friends! With classes and finals officially over, some of us have even more time on our hands. Last week’s post covered book recommendations from some of my classmates, and books are great and all... but they often require prolonged efforts to start and finish. I enjoy reading, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes (most times) I don’t have the focus or attention span for it. 

So if you’re looking for a low energy, low effort something to do to fill the void of social interaction, here’s a list of shows and movies that might do the trick. 

What We Do In the Shadows - Hulu 

This mockumentary about vampire housemates who live in Staten Island is a top pick by both Ashwin and Jake, who love the show for the wit and humor.

Jake says, “This is probably one of the best written and made shows on TV right now, the screenplay is excellent… I’m not selling it well, but you have to watch it.” 

Becoming - Netflix 

Michelle Obama’s NYT bestselling memoir has recently been turned into a Netflix documentary! 

Although I have not watched this one yet, I’ve heard great things about the book, and the ladies of 818 will be gathering on the couch to watch it soon enough. The memoir covers the former first lady’s early life growing up in the South side of Chicago, her family background, as well as her experiences of being a mother and her years in the White House. 

Drunk History - Hulu

Need something lighthearted to watch this quarantine? This is your show. Drunk History is exactly what it sounds like -- historical events like Lincoln’s assassination, Watergate, the life of Mark Twain, reenacted and drunkenly narrated. 

Amazingly enough, series creator Derek Waters has made sure all of the dates and names are accurately portrayed, so there is quite a bit of educational content hidden in the inebriated humor. 

These episodes are hilarious and makes me wonder if I too can make a career out of drunk storytelling. 

Succession - HBO 

Fans of Ozark / other *dark* shows might enjoy this one, which follows a family that owns an international media conglomerate. The episodes center about the family’s antics, especially that of the aging patriarch Logan Roy who worries about the future of the company, namely who will take over and how it will be run after he steps down. 

Grace “loves the cynical and dark humor” and calls it a “well produced and entertaining show.” 

Molly's Game - Netflix 

This one is a Meli + Risa pick, a true story based on the life of Molly Bloom, an Olympic class skier who experienced a career ending injury at the 2002 Winter Olympic Trials. After her accident, Molly takes a year off before attending law school to live in Los Angeles, and ends up running the world’s most exclusive underground poker game. Folks, this film is juicy with action and will keep you on the edge of your couch. Trust me.