My Week in ESTEEM: August 3 - 9, 2020

Author: David Wang

David Wang ESTEEM '21David Wang ESTEEM '21

This was an immensely satisfying week.

During my first few weeks of ESTEEM classes, I learned new things and old things. One person who I’ve kept with me my entire entrepreneurial journey since 2017 was Simon Sinek. 

For those who have heard of Simon Sinek before, you’re probably most familiar with The Golden Circle, but many of you probably haven’t watched a whole ton of Simon Sinek. One of my favorite talks from Simon was titled Why Leaders Eat Last. Towards the 43 minute mark, he emphasizes that leadership is a decision, not a position. Leadership is a choice. 

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Leadership is about looking after our people, regardless of the position that we hold. As it turns out, we were doing that automatically without realizing it in our group assignments for Design Entrepreneurship! Shout-out to Crew Weunski and Meg Gaytko. Go Team 3!

Team 3

Outside of class, I’m an ESK8ter. Like, the second I get out of class, I am riding my electric skateboard and it gives me a sense of freedom that I can’t quite explain.

I love the technology that goes into ESK8, but more than anything, I believe that ESK8 inherently relies on its community. On forums, people would recommend specific brands, safety equipment, and safety tips to complete strangers, and group rides are community-building events that allow ESK8ters to connect and share their love for their hobby and look after the person riding to the left of them and the right of them.

I had a special opportunity to help out a fellow ESK8ter that I had never met before.

It all started with a desperately-worded Facebook post. Her car got rear-ended by a truck in a car accident and as a result, she lost her remote. She has a Boosted Board, and Boosted Inc. went out of business recently, and prices for replacement parts have skyrocketed ever since. Getting a replacement remote from eBay would have cost her $400+.

I knew that I had to do something. I came across posts like that all the time, but I felt compelled to help her because our boards are more than just pieces of equipment to us; our boards are our freedom. 

I immediately messaged her, letting her know that I was reaching out to my Reddit and Discord communities to see if I knew anybody was selling a remote for a reasonable sub-$150 price. In less than a second, she lost her remote. In less than 3 weeks, she got her freedom back.

That was by far the most satisfying part of my week. I’m proud to be an ESK8ter and I’m proud to do whatever I can to help out my fellow riders within my limited power. 

With whatever community that you’re a part of, remember that leadership is a choice. Something small that you did today can mean the world to someone else. I’m proud to say that I fought for someone else’s freedom this week.

The Future Is Bright.