My Week in ESTEEM: August 29 - September 2

Author: Davis DeFontes

Davis DeFontesDavis DeFontes

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Coming out of a relaxed first week back in classes, our group knew we were going to face the classic hectic week that seems to be indicative of ESTEEM life. We started the week off strong with an inspirational Technical Marketing class and dove straight back into our ever present thesis projects.

The week quickly turned into a blur of work and more consulting meetings: breakfast with Booz Allen, information meetings with McKinsey, a 4-hour workshop with Marc Cosentino, frantic attempts to create an entire Launchpad Canvas for our projects, as well as the constant goal to ABN (Always Be Networking).  I am proud to say that in our Data Analytics class, we were all finally able to properly install SAP on our computers and get ready to start looking at an exciting data set from the city of South Bend. Yet, our class was cut short as Professor Lewandowski had to prepare to moderate the consulting night forum in the Mendoza auditorium. The greater majority of ESTEEM students have shown interest in a career in consulting, and were not disappointed with the first of many meetings with different consulting firms. The long panel discussion was concluded with the professor's brilliant Irish brothers joke (due credit must be given to Aaron Malloy for helping out with Irish geography).

Despite the many opportunities and assignments this second week brought us all, we have not forsaken setting aside time for our own enjoyment. The apartment complex at Clover Ridge sure knows about the ESTEEM band now, as we have officially received our first, very strongly worded, noise complaint (don’t worry we are getting a lot better!!). The “man in the green shirt” must think Michael Sedor’s voice isn’t as good as his Solid Works skills, and my guitar skills remind him of nails on a chalk board. 

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Finally, the disappointing loss to UT this Sunday must be addressed… There we go, it’s been addressed. We can move on and go have a successful season.