Meet the Intrapreneur

Author: Jarrett Haley


Start-up businesses aren’t the only ones who need individuals with new ideas, the passion to act on them, and the drive to follow through to realization. Established companies—especially the largest and most established out there—are always looking for a transfusion of this type of vibrant, vigorous blood in any new hire.

Such is the realm of the intrapreneur. Yet before you write it off as another fleeting buzzword, consider it’s earned dictionary status—as the name suggests, the “inside” entrepreneur is “A person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation.”

Especially in recent years, the most forward-thinking companies are working to create an environment where employees are free to explore their own ideas. There are many reasons for this: a company may want to prevent growth from leveling off on a plateau, or give it a boost if it’s already on the decline. Another reason is to keep pace and compete with nimble, innovative startup companies that thrive on new ideas and can capitalize on them quickly.

Which means that ESTEEM is not just for entrepreneurs looking to strike out on their own—rather, skills in identifying and outlining the commercial possibilities of scientific ingenuity are highly valued by any prospective employer. Whether you’re looking for the next stage in your career, or hoping to break in to the tech workforce, business skills and experience with innovation will be the advantage that makes all the difference, be you entre- or intrapreneur.