Meet Our Neighbors: Luma

Author: Emily Tyson

Gina and Scott AndersonGina and Scott Anderson


Luma is one of ESTEEM’s Innovation Park neighbors in South Bend.  The company has created nearly 300 online courses and serves mainly adult learners in mostly corporate settings.  Scott is the primary developer for Luma.  His engineering experience and passion for “making complex technology simple to apply and to use" provides Luma with "the ideal capability to create gaming and collaboration learning experiences that reward students for deeply engaging with a subject.”

Gina and Scott Anderson started Luma in 2010 in order to introduce beautiful and brighter learning into the world of corporate training.  Combining Gina’s background in special education, her enthusiasm for helping people learn and accomplish, and Scott’s engineering expertise, the company was “built to deliver measurably better education outcomes” within the online learning industry.  Thinking like the entrepreneurs they are, the couple saw a need in corporate training, and knew that they could create a better product and provide better results using methods other than traditional face-to-face learning.

Gina and Scott have recently completed a re-branding process, and are embarking on the next phase of Luma's development as the company expands its services.  They will be offering instructional knowhow and using customized platforms to continue delivering beautiful and brighter educational experiences to their clients' learners.