Lunch & Learn: Jim MacLennan

Author: Nancy Nguyen

Nancy NguyenNancy Nguyen

Last Friday, we had a Lunch & Learn with James P. MacLennan. He is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at IDEX Corporation.

In our 60-minute session, we learned a ton! IDEX Corporation is an applied solutions business that sells a number of products to a wide variety of customers. A general overview was given about the products and services that IDEX provides however; the presentation was more geared towards smart and connected products. Internet of things (IoT) is rapidly growing and is an essential part to our society’s daily activities. Mr. MacLennan explained that there are three main segments, including fluid metering technologies, health and science technology, and diversified technology. He managed to employ a real life example of some of the products used in these segments by creating a mini prototype that fit in an Altoids container!

I think out of the whole presentation, the comment that stuck the most with me was when he said, “don’t focus on what you can’t do; focus on what you can do.” He brought a new perspective to mind in that there are a ton of technologies out there and one does not necessarily have to invent something completely new. Innovation can also mean utilizing the sources you already have for an entirely different purpose. It was a great lunch and learn and I definitely left the room feeling much more knowledgeable about IDEX and what technology businesses have to offer.