License to License

Author: Jarrett Haley

This article at seems to have ESTEEM in mind! Check out this quote:

One source of new technologies is our national labs and universities that get federal funding. Their mission is to find commercial partners to bring inventions out of the lab and turn them into real products. This is where you come in - entrepreneurs can often be, or provide, a vehicle for commercialization.


Ahem! How about a university that has a Masters program in entrepreneurship that feeds the products of faculty research into fully-functioning companies, whose students have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of that company, to work with that faculty, and get hands-on experience in what it takes to move technology from the lab to the market?

When you consider that the article’s take-away for the general public is, Hey, sometimes it’s better to license technology from a university than eat the expense of creating it yourself, isn’t it nice to know that this is the heart of the ESTEEM experience—learning how to put university research in technology towards the good of the economy, commerce, and the world?