Legacy Project: Road to Discovery 2016: Day 3

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Day 3 of our journey saw us (unfortunately) leave the gracious hospitality of the Creighton family and make our way from Indianapolis to Logansport, Indiana, a ride of around 70 miles. We said our goodbyes and saddled up. We initially greeted the day with trepidation; there was lightning predicted throughout the day, and dark stratus clouds loomed overhead. However, the supposed storm did not transpire for us, and we even needed some sunscreen by the end of the day!

Some of the bikes we are riding are works of art. I had the pleasure of riding the black carbon fiber bike that will be auctioned off a little later in the summer at the Parseghian Classic event at Pebble Beach. It weighs only slightly more than drop of water, is capable of achieving a top speed of close to that of a 747, and rumor has it that it can even turn invisible.

A steady tailwind meant that we sped our way toward the finish line in good time. The ride was not without one scare, however, when a passing truck began to overtake and then attempted to stop. Its container wobbled from side to side as it did so, and we stopped inches behind it! Thankfully nothing untoward occurred, but that is one of the reasons it’s so important to wear a helmet while biking.

The guys at Destination Cycling have been great throughout the trip, helping us to navigate and provide support from the van tailing us. They have been encouraging, professional, and just plain cool on our Road to Discovery. The sheer quantity of sandwiches and snacks (and the excuse to take the odd photo every now and then) is an added bonus!

Making it to our destination ahead of schedule left time for us to shower and nap at the hotel (we are still students after all, at least until graduation weekend!). We proceeded to Amelio's on the River restaurant for some hearty Italian food and conversation about the final day to come. I can’t wait to bike up Notre Dame Ave tomorrow, meet coach Parseghian in person, and conclude this year’s ride.