Industry Sponsored Projects: Somni LLC

Author: Timothy Jacque

Tim JacqueTim Jacque

Over 50% of our students this year are working on Industry-Sponsored Projects.  This week's project is presented by Timothy Jacque, a recent graduate of Michigan State University. 

We are selling individual monthly memberships and scalable solutions for companies interested in health and performance that include access to the digital platform with Dr. Payne’s tips and tricks on improving sleep as well as an in home sleep toolbox that includes sleep cues that will help turn a room into a sleepy hygienic environment and help people fall asleep at night. The kit includes a lavender spray, eye mask, nasal strips, tea, earplugs and a fan. We are also looking to integrate into the mobile application market to help people track their daily sleep schedule. Long term we are looking to partner with wearable technology companies such as Fitbit or Apple watch.My project is working with Somni LLC located in South Bend Indiana. Founded by a Notre Dame graduate, current student and professor, we are developing a digital platform to change sleep behavior for better health, learning, and performance. The platform is based on research done by Dr. Jessica Payne, Notre Dame professor and expert sleep neuroscientist. Using her work Somni is creating lecture based content to be distributed to members of the “Somni Community.” 

Somni Products

During my time working with Somni, I will be developing the business plan for the company, which includes financial projects and market validation. One of my largest jobs will be running the supply chain for Somni. Since many of the products are shipped internationally, this will prove to be a dynamically challenging task. Another thing on my list of jobs is to continue to develop a digital media strategy and brand creation and I will be doing this by running the social media for the company through monitoring and posting sleep related material to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Berg (one of the co-founders) says, “Tim Jacque has been a tremendous help integrating himself into the team and helping where needed. At Somni we are big on teamwork and put whatever “hat” on we need to get from A to B.  Tim has learned quickly how to do that and help where he can. He’s also provided a significant help managing Somni’s digital media presence, something that is no trivial effort. We are grateful to have him apart of the group and look forward to having him take on more responsibilities as we keep growing.”

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