Industry Sponsored Projects: Oak Financial Software

Author: Daniel Pacquin

Dan PaquinDan Paquin

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Oak Financial Software Co. is a startup located right at home in South Bend, IN.  Started just a few years ago, Oak Financial's current focus is on a mobile application called Chapulin. Led by University of Notre Dame Associate Professor Jesus Izaguirre, a small team of three engineers work to grow the international remittance application.

Chapulin is a mobile app that empowers customers to send money to their relatives and friends with little effort from the United States. They service predominantly Latin American countries, with most of the business coming from Mexican payments. Jesus Izaguirre looked for an ESTEEM student to analyze cryptocurrencies and develop a plan to integrate them into Chapulin.

Daniel Paquin is researching the benefits cryptocurrencies bring to international remittance and how the trade-offs can be minimized. He will be studying how the digital currency can be adopted by Chapulin to lower costs and cut transaction time while still complying with government regulations. His thesis project will help Chapulin retain its steady growth by creating a new payment option for customers