Industry Sponsored Project: Diona Mobility

Author: Jack O'Meara

Jack O'MearaJack O'Meara

This is the first year ESTEEM has linked up with Diona Mobility for a thesis project. For the purpose of this exciting collaboration, Jack O’Meara is spearheading the company's initiative to venture overseas in search of new opportunities and new markets in parts of the developing world. While located in South Bend, Jack has been reaching out to potential customers and users across Africa and beyond, to try and understand if Diona Mobility’s technology is viable and marketable in this unchartered territory.

By transforming mobile devices and tablets into tools for helping people, Diona helps agencies serve people better while improving how their employees work and collaborate to achieve better social outcomes. Diona’s mission is to change lives by creating technology solutions that transform how people’s health and human services needs are served. It partners with companies such as Accenture, HP, IBM, and SAP to deliver solutions for customers. The software solutions Diona designs leverage the ubiquity of smartphone technology, and the extensive permeation of tablet devices in social services, to provide better care outcomes to clients. In many ways, Diona is a technology company with the heart of a social worker and is hoping to expand its services to the non-profit sector and development aid organizations.


International expansion was an integral part of Diona’s plan from the first day as a business. With one founder in Austin, one in Texas, another in Bangalore, India, and Graham in Dublin, “we were international from our first day as a company” says Graham Stubbs, CEO. Today, Diona operates in 12 countries around globe, primarily focused on North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. However, over the last few years Africa has had the fastest rate of mobile uptake in the world, combined with several of the fastest growing economies. The ESTEEM thesis project is focused on better understanding the opportunities within these markets, with the intention of developing a market entry strategy architect for Diona to expand its operations into this space. The results from this research will be a valuable asset to Diona as they continue to expand their reach internationally.