Industry Sponsored Project: Banjo

Author: Jordan Schwers

Jordan SchwersJordan Schwers

Over 50% of our students this year are working on Industry-Sponsored Projects.  This week's project is presented by Jordan Schwers.

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Banjo Corporation started in the garage of Jack Canine in 1959 as Terra-Knife, an agricultural supply company that provided fertilizer knives to farmers. Since its humble beginnings, Banjo has grown to become a leader in offering high-quality liquid handling products for various applications. Banjo joined IDEX Corporation’s Fluid and Metering Technology Division in 2006 to strengthen IDEX’s already robust global position in delivering complete fluidics solutions to the agricultural and industrial industries.

IDEX has provided the ESTEEM program with two projects this year, both focusing on the implementation of IoT technology, or Internet of Things, into products. Jordan Schwers is working with Banjo’s electric valves, while Gillian Shaw and Jereme Murray are working with another IDEX subsidiary, Gast Manufacturing, and their air-compressor, Jun-Air.

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Jordan is validating a market for an electric valve that can predict failure, specifically in the agricultural sector. His project entails utilizing OEM companies to validate a technical solution, various segments of market research, and final advisement for Banjo and IDEX.

“ESTEEM is such a unique program…. I just wish there would have been something like it when I was in school!” –John Hays, Senior Product Manager, Banjo