How to Stop Procrastinating

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

How to Stop Procrastinating

One of the hardest parts about being your own boss is staying on track. Whether it is keeping tabs on your home life or wasting time at while you should be working, it is easy to keep putting things off. So we created a list of ways to keep you from procrastinating. 

Make Your Goals Achievable:

One of the biggest reasons for procrastination is feeling overwhelmed. Keep your goals small, that way you get through many of them through out the day and that momentum can be a confidence boost to keep you going. 

Focus On What Is Needed First:

In order to not get yourself into a panic because of time, make sure your goals take into consideration how long things take and when things are due. Rushing a project can often make you feel overwhelmed which will lead to both shoddy work and more procrastination. 

Give Yourself Space:

We talked about this in the How to Work at Home post. Entrepreneurs often get the chance to work from home but with that opportunity comes costs - like space. Make sure you have separated work space and living space, this will allow you to get more work done and more relaxing done. There is nothing more uncomfortable than working in the place you sleep - it makes it hard to both work and to sleep because your body doesn't know what the space is meant for. 

Create To Do Lists:

Few things motivate better than a to do list. As stated above, make sure the goals are achievable but still meaningful. Try and keep you list down to right around 5 things - if tasks are too large, break them down into smaller tasks. An added bonus to the to do lists is it feels good to check the boxes. 

Reward Yourself:

Ok, this is where self control is needed. Reward yourself when you do a good job staying on track, but don't let that reward distract you from getting more things done. A good time for a reward is during your lunch break, give yourself some time to check Facebook or watch an episode of tv, just make sure you limit your time. 

So now that you are done reading this post, get back to work! 


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