Having a Vision

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Having a Vision, Notre Dame 1 Year Master Program ESTEEM

There are few things more annoying when starting a business than writing your vision statement. However, understanding where it is you're going, whether you write it down or not, might be one of the most important parts of running a company and being a leader. 

Imagine you're an employee working for an employer who is constantly changing goals and redefining what it means to succeed in your job. It's entirely frustrating to not know what you and your company are working towards, and it's even more so when the direction continues to change. As an employee, it is tantamount to busy work - doing work that doesn't move towards anything.

With that in mind, as a leader or manager, it is incredibly important to establish a vision of where your company or idea is going. Have an end state that is down the road with goals and ideas on how to get there. Things will change in your plan on how to achieve that vision but the vision should not change. You should always know in which direction you're marching. 

Here are a few tips on how cast your vision and they are incredibly simple:

1) Imagine greatness: Figure out, in your wildest dreams what happens to your company. That should be what you are aiming toward.

2) Determine your metric for defining success: Are you measuring success by number of users, amount of money made, number of products sold. What is the measuring stick you are using to define success. 

3) Stick to it: This is BY FAR the hardest part about creating a vision. It's easy to hit a road bump and then completely redefine success, it's important to stick it out. Redefine your plan on how you get there but keep your end goal the same.

4) Tell the world: Tell those who you work with, your partners and be sure they understand this is concrete. Keep this vision in mind with all big decisions - ask does this help get us where we are going?