ESTEEM Students Take Spring Break in Silicon Valley

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Twenty-two ESTEEM students are spending their spring break in Silicon Valley, experiencing the world’s leading entrepreneurial ecosystem up close as part of their Notre Dame entrepreneurial master’s program. Their passion for innovation makes the environment as refreshing and invigorating as the seaside resorts where some of their fellow college students take the time off.

“In ESTEEM, we hear a lot about what’s going on in the Valley, and it will be great to see it first-hand and get immersed in the innovation process,” said Ciaran Murphy, who joined ESTEEM from Glantane, County Cork, Ireland, and was one of the organizers of the trip.

Just a year ago, many of these students were about to graduate from engineering, mathematics, and other technical undergraduate programs. This month, they will engage the broad spectrum of stakeholders in the entrepreneurial process -- “industry-leading figures and innovators,” Murphy said. “These are the best and brightest of the Silicon Valley, the kind of business people I aspire to be.”   

Each student will visit a venture capital firm of their choice, shadowing and interacting with a leader. They will also visit major tech companies such as Google, IDEO, and Cloudera and take advantage of networking opportunities, a particular strength of ESTEEM.

“Working alongside some of the Notre Dame Alumni Network down in the Valley has given me a sense of how important a strong network is, and this week will allow us students to become a part of that culture and build out our own networks,” Murphy said. “I don't believe any other master's program can offer such networking opportunities.”

The trip advances ESTEEM’s goal of helping scientifically-trained students achieve exciting career goals, whether by starting their own business or working in another company. The spring break trip includes opportunities to meet with leaders of the Notre Dame Alumni Network who are assisting students in their job search.

The spring break trip is a key piece of the ESTEEM value proposition, and we look forward to hearing the stories of the students’ experiences during and after their visit. Good luck to all the travelers!