ESTEEM Students compete at MIT Sports Analytics Conference with McCloskey Venture

Author: David Gormley

David Gormley and Peadar TimminsDavid Gormley and Peadar Timmins

Last weekend, Peadar Timmins and I attended the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference with Output Sports,  our McCloskey venture, to compete at one of the world’s biggest sports analytics conferences. It is the largest student-run conference in the world, attracting students from over 170 different schools and representatives from over 80 professional sports teams in the MLBNBANFLNHLMLS, and Premier League.

Output Sports is shrinking the athlete performance analysis lab into wearable systems. As part of our transition from a research project to a commercial venture, we are completing flagship partner projects with high-profile sporting partners. In rugby, we are working with Europe's best club Leinster and in soccer we are working with World-cup semi-finalists England to profile athlete movements relevant to long term athlete development and injury prevention.

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Output Sports was joined on the stage with some of the biggest innovators in the sports analytics industry. Peadar and I were able to meet some of the brightest minds in the space and see some of the most exciting technology soon to reach elite sports performance.

ESTEEM has been the perfect environment for us to dive deep into the ocean of entrepreneurship and innovation while continuing to develop our technical background. For me, it is the perfect opportunity to apply my technical background to real world problems and has been invaluable in preparing for our weekend in MIT.

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