ESTEEM Faculty Member Receives NFL Charities Grant

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

The National Football League (NFL) is funding the University of Notre Dame's Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments to research strokes and other brain injuries. Earlier this year, Dr. Mayland Chang, research professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, was the recipient of an NFL Charities grant to research concussions in football.  Dr. Chang is also a seasoned ESTEEM faculty member and we featured one of her former students, Szymon Ryzner, in a previous alumni spotlight.  Szymon worked on his capstone thesis project which focused on the commercialization aspects of a stroke treatment using gelatinase inhibitors.

Recently, Dr. Chang started mentoring an ESTEEM student who is part of our early admission program.  Matthew Berg, a senior Notre Dame student focused on preprofessional studies in preparation for medical school, started working with Dr. Chang on an ESTEEM project surrounding brain injury.  Matt is starting early and planning to take his ESTEEM project to a new level by working on research, his technical electives, as well as the related commercialization aspects of the ESTEEM project for two academic years.  In his program year, Matt will take ESTEEM business related classes and also complete his capstone thesis project.  We look forward to sharing additional information regarding the progress of this ESTEEM project in a future blog.

10Check out the latest NFL sponsored video featuring Dr. Chang and her research. 

Mayland Chang: NFL Charities Grant Video

Congratulations Mayland!