ESTEEM Class of 2020: By the Numbers

Author: Caitlyn Ward

ESTEEM Class of 2020ESTEEM Class of 2020

Looking back on our memorable and unusual year, I thought I’d take the chance and calculate some statistics from these past 11 months we’ve shared. Though we’ve mastered the ESTEEM curriculum, I can say many of us are still partial to data; we all come from STEM backgrounds, after all! 

  • ESTEEMers in the class of 2020: 56
  • Walks around St. Mary’s Lake: 280
  • Tours of the power plant: 1 
  • Pushups completed at football home games: 1,066
  • Tableau visualizations: 23
  • Ping Pong games between Rian and Evan in Innovation Park: 628
  • Startups founded by the class of 2020: 10
  • Takeovers on the ESTEEM Instagram: 17
  • Trips to Chicago: 43
  • Professor Mike Meyer reminding us it was the best day ever: 14
  • Visits to the grotto: 62
  • Burgers catered by Lieuburger: 400
  • Different restaurants eaten at in South Bend: 28
  • Ski trips: 1
  • Meals shared with the whole program (including staff!): 22
  • Holidays celebrated together: 5
  • Virtual social gatherings: 7
  • Professors or industry professionals who taught us: 24
  • Miles run by Nick Wilt: 1,500
  • Lunch runs to Eddy Street: 132
  • Field Trips around South Bend: 4 
  • Cans of LaCroix consumed: 1,296
  • Hours spent mentoring high school entrepreneurs: 480
  • Trips to Capstone sponsor sites: 24
  • Workouts fueled by ColdBrew Fuel: 350
  • Classes taught by or presentations from former ESTEEMers: 11
  • Minutes of ESTEEM classes via Zoom: 1,575 
  • Memorable moments and laughs shared: infinite 

To the ESTEEM class of 2020, the staff of ESTEEM, our professors and Capstone sponsors and advisors, thank you for allowing us the privilege to learn from and work with you. We learned far beyond innovation and entrepreneurship; from class to social gatherings, meetings to meals, we learned how to find the data, how to talk to people, and how to strategize and execute a plan for greatest impact.
We did it.