Entrepreneurial Mentors

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Ask any successful entrepreneur whom his or her mentors are, and you’ll get an answer. The most successful entrepreneurs seek the advice and guidance of more experienced professionals; those who have been there before, overcome failures and maximized opportunity.

It’s one of the main reasons entrepreneurs are successful—they don’t let their egos get in the way. They see the value in experience and understand they can learn a lot from those who came before them. But still willing to swim upstream with a great idea or a new concept of which they feel passionate.

Likewise, accomplished entrepreneurs are typically generous with their time and expertise. They love guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs. And it doesn’t matter the industry—a successful technology entrepreneur will dedicate time to an up-and-coming student helping to navigate a future tack that may be unfamiliar to their specific skill set. In essence, entrepreneurs want to help other entrepreneurs.

What’s the point? Those developing their entrepreneurial skills should seek and accept help, and ESTEEM students get a head start in that area. ESTEEM students are provided opportunities to interact with entrepreneurs from local business leaders to Silicon Valley VCs. 

Especially when it comes to the fields of science and engineering, budding entrepreneurs should be seeking help and here it is.