Entrepreneurial Advice from... Advertisements?

Author: Jarrett Haley

You wouldn't think to go to Ronald McDonald or the Geico gecko for advice on how to be a dynamic, resilient, and successful entrepreneur—and you shouldn't. But over at Forbes, Robert Jordan compiled a few advertisements that strike to the heart of anyone ready to stake their claim in the world of commerce.

Take this one from Schwinn:


Eight words you could carry with you in almost any trying situation. A pithy maxim that, as Jordan says, "sums up great, unreasonable, unrelenting, unstoppable entrepreneurs everywhere."

There's more from Cessna, and a truly moving one from Minolta that  has as much impact as any poem on any page ever written. A must-read:

Are you waiting

for someone to lead and inspire you

for the boss to recognize you

for clients to thank you

for coworkers to help you

for the world to hail you

well here’s a news flash

they are all just sitting there too

waiting for you


Well, are you?