Entrepreneur vs Freelancer

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Entrepreneur vs Freelancer

The fastest way of telling apart a freelancer and an entrepreneur is to ask "what do you do". The entrepreneur will mention their company and maybe go into telling you the vision or the mission. A freelancer will tell you a profession or what they do, "I'm a writer" or "I'm a photographer", "I create content" or "I design websites". However, beyond that difference, aren't freelancers entrepreneurs too?

The answer is kind of, but not really. A freelancer does, in IRS terms, own their own business and in reality that may be true but is not necessarily true. A freelancer gets paid for the work they do with hopes of growth for personal monetary gain but don't think much beyond that - this is not a derogatory thing, it's just the way freelance works. You work for yourself and you grow for yourself.

Entrepreneurs on the other than view what they are doing as bigger than themselves. They are focused on growing a business and at times they work without pay during the start, but with growth they begin getting paid even when they aren't working. 

Freelance can turn into entrepreneurship, if you begin viewing your abilities differently. For example, if you are a freelance writer and you are getting too many clients or gigs, you can pass some of the work to other contractors taking a cut off the top. However, you are no longer a freelance writer, you are also a manager and that is different. That vision for growth and scale force you to change categories from freelancer to entrepreneur. 

Entrepreneurs focus on scale and volume, but since freelancers only have themselves, they focus on skills. The more freelancers hone their skills the more they will be able to sell those skills for. The only problem is freelancers often run into a ceiling - there is only so much you can improve to sell your service and there is only so much time in the day.

The differences are not to show one as better than the other, it is simply to show the difference and ask the question - which are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur?